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March 04, 2013


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Don't know what I like more - your journal or "the dish"!! So cool that you are using a family treasure. My house is mostly furnished and accessorized with things from my ancestors. Nothin' but plain old vanilla ice cream made in my family, though. I excel at being ho hum boring.


Beautiful flowers and wonderful bowl full of memories!

Carol (HB)

Oh my, Cindy this journal is breath taking! No wonder it was first to sell.
I'm going to try the heat & crinoline technique - waaay cool!

bevie pearl

LOL on the grandma story that goes with the dish!! Whoever bought your beautiful journal was very smart to do it. :)

karen q

Such a beautiful notebook, love the flowers. It had to tug at your heart a little to sell it.


I love your notebook! I love ALL your notebooks! And that bowl is a good idea.

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